R1 & R2

R1 & R2

IMG_8112Introducing the R1 & R2 system a prophylaxis for radiation dermatitis to South Africa.

Through clinical trials and experiencing this intensive care system first hand, we are happy to bring it to the many people in need of such a prophylactic treatment when undergoing radiation therapy in this country. Simply put, it addresses soft tissue damage from the radiation therapy that is required as a treatment for cancer.

Radiation therapy is often necessary and it is very effective in the fight against cancer and saves lives. The ionizing radiation interacts with cells within the body, damaging them. As a result, burning does occur but it can be avoided with R1 & R2.


R1™ and R2™ is a revolutionary advanced skincare system with Lactokine™, an easy-to-use, 2 step system that begins working from Day 1 of radiation treatment, before radiation side effects and skin changes occur. The products work together each day — throughout treatment and beyond — to help provide RELIEF, HEALING and PROTECTION for radiation burns.  It’s the nurturing your skin deserves.

R1™ and R2™ is a radiation burn treatment brought to you by WATER-JEL Technologies which is a company at the forefront of Burn Treatment Technology in the worldwide.

Now available in South Africa!!!

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